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Based in Gothenburg – Sweden, DRÖMIN is a slow fashion label with elegant, silky eco-friendly loungewear and sleepwear for women. Our garments are primarily crafted from organic mulberry silk from traditional handwoven silk villages in Vietnam, and carefully sourced pure linen suppliers that meet European standards.

During the “new normal”, we spend more time these days staying at home and working from home, lounging around in. That is when the idea of DRÖMIN was born, with the dream and mission to create timeless loungewear designs that can be worn for many seasons to come and for any occasion in women’s daily lives.

You can easily find versatile pieces of eco-friendly pajamas, robes, dresses and more in our collections. We design clothes that make you feel relaxed and confident without compromising the effortlessly elegant look and that perfectly tailored sophisticated style. 

Our natural fabrics

Our brand signatures 100% natural, eco-friendly fibers made responsibly from mulberry silk and pure linen, sewn by high-skilled tailors in Vietnam.

For thousands of year, Vietnam has maintained the traditional handicraft of weaving silk from mulberry silkworms. With the creation of DRÖMIN label, we desire to support fair wages and healthy work environment for artisans as well promote silk products from the traditional silk weaving villages in Vietnam.


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