We spent months researching and examining many different types of fabrics on the market and eventually decided to use linen and silk for our label. Other than the fact that the two materials made from natural, eco-friendly fibers, they hold characteristics and properties that make them the ideal materials for loungewear and sleepwear. With this careful selection, we want to deliver a relaxed feel when you put on the premium clothing pieces from DRÖMIN.

We would like you to note that our mulberry silk products don’t look perfectly smooth like industrially produced silk as they are handmade and naturally dyed. So, some tiny weaving errors are sometimes unavoidable. However, we are trying our best to reduce tiny errors as much as possible to bring you the beautifully natural pieces of mulberry silk. Things made from nature are not always perfect, and we hope that you will be empathetic for these imperfect things and will love our natural pieces of garments as we do.



Airy, smooth, and light, silk does not only feel good on your skin but also does good to it. The smooth texture diminishes friction between the skin and the fabric, which prevents irritation and even wrinkles. Like linen, silk is very breathable, but it also has a temperature regulating characteristic, keeping your body cool in the summer and warm in the colder weather. DRÖMIN specifically chooses mulberry silk over other silk types because it is considered the finest. The fibers are produced by silkworm fed on mulberry leaves, and the fabric made inherits the antibacterial property, making it more valuable and a healthier choice.


Linen is one of the oldest clothing materials and made from the flax plant – an extremely resilient plan that can be grown in poor soil with a lot less water consumption than cotton. Combining with its durability, linen is among the most sustainable fabrics to manufacture and to use. Clothing made from linen is comfortable to wear since the material is very breathable and highly- absorbent, wicking moisture away from your body and at the same time drying out very quickly itself. While being considered a summer holiday staple, linen can surely be worn comfortable all year round inside the house.